Celebrate V-day with your Valentine by Fly High!

Expressing the feeling of love into words, is quite a difficult task! I guess we will run out of words- if we try to express it. It’s a boundless emotion that needs to be felt and to cherish!

Sometimes it’s just not possible to do something special on the actual Valentine’s Day with your partner. You both work and have busy lives, but what if you opt for grabbing an hour (at least) at the end of the day together!

Now, are you finding it difficult to plan out for something out-of-the-box? Yay or Nay!

Disclaimer: This particular idea of fly high is applicable to those valentines- who are sportive and adventurous in heart, and who always seek out for excitement and thrilling activity, apart from their monotonous life.

(If the above condition matches to your interest, and if you are already started smiling after reading out that disclaimer- then you have landed at the right place, my friend!)

Just imagine, you are gliding high like a bird with your beloved one! (Isn’t it sound splendid?)

So, get ready to enjoy the passionate plans to fly high with your beloved one and give him/ her to cherish the memories (Love is in the air, you see!):

  1. Parasailing


Image Source: Google Images

Is one of the most feasible and affordable activity that one should try this out at least once in a lifetime. This is one of the best ways to conquer your fear. (If you have height phobia, then definitely you should try this out.) If you don’t want to fly alone, then you also have the option to accompany you in a fly. (Term will be used as “Tandem Fly”, for 2 people opting for flying together at the same time.)

Who don’t want to grab the golden opportunity of a tandem ride with the beloved one!

Location: Bangalore.

Address: As per the service provider’s information. Mostly conducted in Jakkur.

Duration: 15 minutes

Service Providers: Horizon Adventures/ Mars Adventures/ Xtacee Paragliding Club


  1. a) For Solo: INR 500 per person
  2. b) For Tandem: INR 900-1000 per couple

(Note: Search out for Fly Nirvana for other locations like-Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, Salem, and many more…)

  1. Private Helicopter Ride


Image Source: Google Images

A private helicopter ride is a perfect location to rekindle your romance. You and your beloved one can spend a quality time of togetherness on a private ride to get an eagle eye view of the city. And, what if you get a chance of rose bouquet arrangement with cutting a cake in the air. (Doesn’t it sound like a perfect plan to celebrate your Valentine Day?)

Location : Mumbai

Address: As per the service provider’s information. Mostly conducted in Juhu Aerodrum.

Duration: 10mins or 15 mins or 20 mins or 30 mins

Service Provider: Chalo Picnic

Cost: INR 8000-20000 per couple

(Note: Search out for Charter Plus for Delhi and Mumbai region. Heli tours India for Bangalore region)

  1. Hot Air Balloon


Image Source: Google Images

Rivet in this beautiful experience by gliding through the azure sky and grab an opportunity to shower your heart out in front of your beloved high in the sky. Say no to gravity when you take to the air head on. Nothing can give you the adrenaline kick as this one does!

Get delighted by soaring high into the sky.

Location: Bangalore

Address: As per the service provider’s information. Mostly conducted in Jakkur.

Duration: 5-8 minutes

Service Provider: Aero Adventures

Cost: INR 2000 per person

(Note: Search out for Balloon India Safari for Puskhar, Kishangarh, Ajmer, Mathura, Agra and Jaipur regions, Tiger Balloon Safaris (Bangalore), Sky waltz for Mumbai, and Balloon Club for Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh)

  1. Microlight Flying


Image Source: Google Images

You might have taken a number of flights, but this flight is one of a kind. Opportunity to relive in the romance with your beloved and feel the euphoria by flying amidst the clouds.

Are you ready to give wings to your dreams?

Location: Bangalore

Address: As per the service provider’s information. Mostly conducted in Jakkur.

Duration: 10- 15 mins

Service Provider: Cleartrip.com and Altivia Aviation

Cost: INR 2500-3500 per person

(Note: Search out for Coorg Sky Adventures for Coorg region, and Bangalore Aerosports for Mysore region)


  • Directly reach out to service providers, instead of going through Online Travel Agents (OTAs) or tour operators or travel agencies. Because they will mark-up their own price on the actual amount- in order to earn the commission.
  • Don’t forget to do a proper research about the rides and the specifications so that you don’t go blank out over taking the trip.
  • The mentioned aerial activities are completely dependent on weather conditions. Hence, there might be a possibility of last minute re- schedules or cancellations, which are beyond anyone’s control. You need to be patient as their might be the last minute changes and it might take an hour or so to confirm the wind forecast on the trip.
  • Prices might subject to change as it is subjected to date and time-slots of availability.

This romantic month of love, embraces the love’s warmth by whisking your beloved away to breathtaking locations.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop thinking, try implementing now! (Time is precious, you see! *Tik-tok, tik-tok*)

They say,

“Just because you are breathing, doesn’t mean you are alive.”

Hence, let’s fly through the sky with loads of hugs and kisses! (xoxo)




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